Multiple Lenses

We’ve designed the TYCH to let you explore your creativity in as small a package possible. This is achieved with our rotating lens board housing 3 lenses on the TYCH camera and 4 on the TYCH+
Simply rotate to your preferred lens, select the appropriate auto mode and take your shot.

Multiple fixed focus lenses;

Premium Lens

33.3mm (50mm equivalent on half frame) f8.0 lens
Fixed focus from 2m to infinity

Designed around a classic Aplanat or Rapid Rectilinear design with 4 Elements in 2 groups. A modern higher index, lower dispersion glass replaces the two outer glass-types, and helps to correct over the wider spectral range (400-700nm) required for modern photography. A single-layer anti-reflection coating on all optical surfaces provides a balance of high transmission with a classic ever-so-slightly warm colour rendering.33.3mm (50mm equivalent on half frame) f8.0 lens
Fixed focus from 2m to infinity
4 elements in 2 groups (2 low dispersion elements). Arranged in a classic Rapid Rectilinear design that corrects distortion, coma, and lateral color. Single-layer anti-reflection coating.

This premium lens allows you to capture an remarkable level of detail for such a small camera.

30mm (45mm equivalent on half frame) f8 meniscus lens
Fixed focus from 1.5m to infinity

A single element positive meniscus lens provides a vintage feel to images. Half frame coverage exploits the sharper center of the image circle.
The vintage feel is further enhanced by chromatic aberrations in the corners, especially evident in white highlights. This lens is great for creating atmospheric portraits.

Meniscus lens


Pinhole lens

25mm (38mm equivalent on half frame) f125 pinhole
Fixed focus from 0m to infinity

Chemical etched brass precision pinhole. Etching our pinholes gives a sharp edged opening maximising pinhole image quality.
The pinhole lens gives a stylish vignette to your images with enormous depth of field. Shoot into the sun for some wild flares!


25mm (38mm equivalent on half frame) f56 zone plate
Fixed focus from 0m to infinity

Zone plate images are characterised by soft dreamy look, with some colours exhibiting bloom especially on bright highlights.

Zone plate

Check out our sample images in this post to see what can be achieved with each of the lens types.