About Alfie Cameras


Alfie Cameras is a family business built out of a passion for photography and a dream of sharing that passion with other film photographers. Our ultimate aim is to build a business capable of supporting our family and providing future growth opportunities.

At Alfie Cameras we want to Re-invent film photography for both old and new photographers. In a world where technology has become about instant gratification Alfie Cameras help you to connect with the world and enjoy a different way to create images.

Combining traditional and modern materials we build cameras that are as beautiful to look at as the pictures they allow you to take. Each of our cameras is intended as a creative tool allowing photographers to have fun and spend more time and care on creating the images they love and less time interacting with a screen.


Meet the Alfie Camera Team


Dave is the brains behind Alfie Cameras managing all things technical. With a professional career of over 20 years as a design engineer in medical devices and consumer products, he loves solving technical challenges and obsesses about getting things right.


I have been a keen photographer since childhood and during lockdown decided it was time to combine my passion for photography with my engineering experience and make some exciting cameras.

Dave Faulkner Alfie Cameras



As a Chartered Marketer with a long career in food and agriculture, Amanda volunteers her expert knowledge in strategy development and marketing. She’s worked on projects ranging from developing and launching a Marvel Super Hero milk shake, to promoting a true story book for a debut author.


A sharp focus on meeting consumer needs is what I aim to bring to Alfie Cameras. It’s great to be part of the team bringing a whole new photography experience to people.





With a background heavily in the tech world from managing global IT tech support teams to building tech infrastructure in large scale retail or medical device facilities, Jen found a path to combine her skills to assist small business owners on the internet. Jen’s currently focusing her time on building and redesigning websites.


I love building things that can connect people to what they love most. Photography can capture emotions and bring others so much joy. I am grateful to be part of bringing more joy to the world.

Jen - Web Guru at Alfie Cameras