This is where to find user manuals and frequently asked questions related to our TYCH cameras.

User Manuals

TYCH Quick Start Guide V1.1


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I wind the camera on?
A: Wind the camera on using the wheel at the bottom of the camera. Each frame is indicated by the white marker in the window to the left of the winding wheel. If you go past the white marker you can easily rewind the film slightly using the rewind knob on the top of the camera.


Q: How long does the battery last?
A: Left switched on without taking any pictures battery life is approximately 26 hours. Switched off between pictures battery life is over 200 pictures.


Q: What filter size do the cameras take?
A: 46mm, on the TYCH + you will need to remove the lens hood to use a filter.


Q: What field of view does the viewfinder have?
A: Both the TYCH and TYCH+ viewfinders have a field of view equivalent to the 25mm pin hole and zone plate. The optical lenses will have a slightly narrower field of view than shown by the viewfinder.


Q: What lifetime does the built in battery have?
A: The built in battery is rated for 300-500 charge cycles.


Q: Is the built in battery replaceable?
A: Yes, with tools a technically competent user can replace the battery.


Q: How should I store my TYCH?
A: If you are not planning on using your camera for a period of time in excess of 3 months, we recommend storing the camera with a fully charged battery.