Pinholes are in!

Turns out making pinholes is harder than it looks. You need a clean edge to avoid strange artefacts on your image whether it be flares or blurriness. A thin material is essential as you don’t want to create a light tunnel for reflections, not too thin mind as assembly becomes a challenge.
We looked at laser cutting, CNC machining and photo etching for our pinholes and in the end decided photo etching was the best option for the TYCH. This week we took delivery of our 1st batch, one a4 photo etched sheet of brass complete with nearly 300 pinhole plates on it! That should keep us going for a while.
If you are looking to make your own pinholes there are loads of resources available on the web with tips and tricks for making a one off pinhole. We make extensive use of Mr Pinhole for calculating pinhole sizes, focal lengths and f-stops.