September 2022

You Tube live advert

Live YouTube product tour 29th September

We will be Live on YouTube on Thursday 29th September 2022. Join us to find out more about the TYCH cameras. We would love to see you all for a guided tour around the features of the camera and an insight into some of the engineering that goes in to making the product. There will be plenty of chance to ask questions during the live stream and we will be sharing some of the latest example photos from the beta prototypes.

You will only be able to post questions if you have subscribed to the channel so head over to YouTube, subscribe and bookmark us for the live show.
YouTube Live

Best in Show Award

Award Winning

Today we were awarded Best in Show by Amateur Photographer magazine. It really means a lot to us to win this award and will help motivate us during the days ahead, this really is a great product and we are proud of what we have achieved.

We love this creative solution by Alfie, which is now funding on Kickstarter.

You can read more about the Amateur Photographer awards here: