TYCH + Premium Film Camera (PRE-ORDER)


  • Ultra compact 35mm half frame analogue point and shoot camera
  • Large bright glass viewfinder with 38mm frame mask
  • Built in light meter for automatic exposure
  • Manual mode with shutter speeds from 30sec. to 1/500th
  • Rotary lens board with 4 lens options
    – 33.3mm (50mm equivalent) F8 rapid rectilinear lens with 4 elements in 2 groups
    – 30mm F8 single element meniscus lens
    – 25mm F56 zone plate
    – 25mm F125 pinhole
  • USB re-chargeable
  • Anodised aluminium / MJF hybrid construction camera body
  • Designed and engineered in the UK

Supplied with

Lens Hood, Lens Cap, Camera Strap and USB C Charge Cable

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Available for PRE-ORDER, despatch estimated late Sept 2023

The TYCH + has been designed to allow photographers a fun and creative way toΒ re-connect with the world.

Unleash your creativity with over 72 images from a standard 35mm film.
The TYCH + splits the traditional 35mm frame in half to get double the number of shots from a roll of 35mm film.

Multiple fixed focus lenses;

  1. 33.3mm (50mm equivalent on half frame) f8.0 lens
    Fixed focus from 2m to infinity
    4 elements in 2 groups (2 low dispersion elements). Arranged in a classic Rapid Rectilinear design that corrects distortion, coma, and lateral color. Single-layer anti-reflection coating.
  2. 30mm (45mm equivalent on half frame) f8 meniscus lens
    Fixed focus from 1.5m to infinity
    A single element positive meniscus lens provides a vintage feel to images. Half frame coverage exploits the sharper center of the image circle.
  3. 25mm (38mm equivalent on half frame) f56 zone plate
    Fixed focus from 0m to infinity
    Zone plate images are characterised by soft dreamy look, with some colours exhibiting bloom.
  4. 25mm (38mm equivalent on half frame) f125 pinhole
    Fixed focus from 0m to infinity
    Chemical etched brass precision pinhole.
    The pinhole lens gives a stylish vignette to your images with enormous depth of field


Whether you want to point and shoot in auto mode or have full control with manual settings the TYCH with its simple user interface lets you do it all.

  • ISO settings from 12 to 6400
  • Electronic shutter count
  • Auto modes for each of the lenses (f8, f56 and f125)
  • Exposure compensation +/-2 stops in Β½ stop increments
  • Shutter delay


A range of accessories including remote shutter release cable, external flash and collapsible sport finder to help you get the most out of your photography.

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 8 cm

90mm x 79mm x 45mm (measured without viewfinder)